Reynolds, Angela


Hello!  My name is Angela Reynolds.  I will be teaching 3rd Grade Math & Science at Plains Elementary.  This will be my 27th year of teaching.  I am originally from Buda, Texas and graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 1993.  I have two boys Cole & Cade.  Cole will be in the 11th grade this year, and Cade will be in the 9th grade.  My husband, Jerry, manages the Tokio Co-op Gin, in Tokio, Texas.  

If you need to contact me, my conference period is from 11:45-12:30.    I look forward to a great school year.


8:00-8:15 Breakfast in our homeroom
8:15-9:30  Math with Mrs. Reynolds' Homeroom
9:30-10:30 Computers/Art
10:30-10:45 Math with Mrs. Reynolds' Homeroom
10:45-11:15  Math with Mrs. Harris' Homeroom
11:15-11:45 Lunch
11:45-12:30 PE
12:30-1:30 Math with Mrs. Harris' Homeroom
1:30-1:40 Science with Mrs. Harris' Homeroom
1:40-2:05 Recess
2:05-2:35 Science with Harris' Homeroom
2:35-3:15 Science with Reynolds' Homeroom
3:15-3:45 Roper Roundup