Rawls, Dylan

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All Plains ISD Athletics - GB477CCZ 
Plains Cowgirl Athletics - PBR6GB5M
Plains High School Volleyball - 9LRHBHQK
Cowgirl Basketball - ABFLAXN8

Workout Times
Girls: 6:00 - 7:30 pm (M-Th)
Boys: 7:00 - 9:00 pm (M-Th)

COVID-19 Notice: 

Link to the CDC Guidelines: 

     All of my classes will go virtual after spring break for the foreseeable future. My contact info is listed for both students and parents. School updates will come on the school's social media pages. 

     STUDENTS, remember to practice "social distancing" during this pandemic. Also, wash your hands for 20 seconds. Be smart, be logical, and be patient while we work through this. Remember what Roosevelt said, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." 

     I wish I could have told all of you this in person, but if you have any random questions for me please ask. Important new updates for my classes will be posted on this page. 

Thank you, 
Coach Rawls  

Parent Conference Link:
+1 219-225-6769‬ PIN: ‪610 297 170‬# 

Remind 101: 
Text @rawls2020 to 81010  OR go to 

Coach Rawls Students' Meeting Links:

Parents with a child that Requires Instructional Accommodation,
Top 10 Accommodations that can be implemented at Home:

  1. Read with your student asking questions along the way. 
    1. a.(i.e...Who are the characters, What is happening within the text?)
  2. Review any unfamiliar vocabulary words within the text. 
  3. Allow students to draw a visual or make notes as they read to help them remember what has been read. 
  4. Allow students to complete learning in small increments. (i.e. single paragraph at a time, one story problem at a time, etc…)
  5. Utilize any kind of household items as manipulatives to aid with counting or solving problems. (i.e. beans, pasta, etc…)
  6. Allow extra time for tasks being asked.
  7. Eliminate any distractors (i.e. outside noise, technology, etc…) to help your student focus on the task.
  8. Encourage the student to verbalize as they work (i.e repeat directions, talk through the problem as it is solved, etc…)
  9. Allow the student to use a highlighter or colored pencils to make notes or emphasize important information within the text. 
  10. Provide positive feedback as the student works through the material and provide support as needed.