KPHS Radio & Plains Podcasts


The transmitter and computer tower which broadcasts KPHS at 90.3 on your radio is out for repairs.

In the meantime, listen to all of your favorite student led podcasts via anywhere Podcasts are available.

1st Period: (Slade Lovelace)

3rd Period: (Espy Villegas, Jonah Gonzalez, and Memo Laredo)

4th Period: (Brynan Garland and Rebeca Ramos)

5th Period: (Carlie Hampton, Luis Olivarez & Daniel Granado, Marcos Vargas)

Once the computer is back in gear, use these links to stream the online transmission of KPHS - 90.3:

Click Here to listen on asd   or...    Click Here to listen on asd 

Mr. Evans - Theatre/Radio/Communications 

7:15 am – 3:35 pm